Thank you Kevin Flowers!

When we launched our IndieGoGo campaign, we made several promises. One of them was, if you donated $500 to our campaign, we would choreograph and film a modern dance interpretation of our gratitude. We got TWO whopping $500 donations and have been working ever since to create, choreograph, costume, rehearse, film, and edit our two thank-you videos. And now, our first dance of gratitude is ready for your viewing pleasure!! Watch it and love it!! It’s impossible not to!


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Party over here!

Peeps, let’s be real: summer’s almost over, and even if you’re not in school anymore, there’s a certain feeling that accompanies the end of summer: the doldrums. It’s all over. No more eating ice cream just because “it’s hot;” now you’ll look like the fatty you are. We know it. After all, Twinhead accounts for, like, 85% of Morellis’ business. (No, we can’t “just get a cone.” I’m not sure we can even comprehend that suggestion.)

But with the end of summer also comes end-of-summer parties. And these are the greatest parties of all. And this particular party, our Big Summer Buzz Party, takes that greatness and makes it even GREATER!

This party is to benefit the Atlanta Fringe Festival, another big project of Twinhead’s. We’ve been working hard for over a year now to put Atlanta on the international Fringe circuit and organize a festival dedicated to theatrical and live performing arts. Companies like us benefit greatly from Fringe festivals, and now we can offer this platform to other companies just like us, right here at home.

The festival’s not slated until May 9-13, 2012, but until then, we’re putting together events to raise friends and funds for the Fringe, and the Big Summer Buzz Party is just that! So we’re partnering with MINT Gallery and the Melvin Gallery to bring you an amazing evening of performances, bands, food, and more! FO’ FREE!!

Evan Fowler
Thomas Jenkins


Wowser Bowser
Lily and the Tigers
We the Lion

Automatic Improv
2Girls3Eyes Improv
Reza Asgari

Minette Magnifique

Ninja Puppet Productions

Heidi Hernandez and Lacy Perry

Thimblerig Circus
Atlanta StiltDancer
The Imperial Opa

Westside Creamery
Tex’s Tacos
Good Food Truck

Arts and crafts
Photo booth

We’ve got a Slip ‘n Slide and strongly encourage you to bring any water pistols, Nerf guns, and water balloons to keep us cool!

So come hang out with us on August 27th, support the arts, and have a blast!!

Also be sure to check out the Facebook event; there’s links there that tell you more about each performer, including videos and other goodies!



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Mind your Manor

Now to tell you what we NEEDED all that money for!

We’ve been giving ourselves carpal tunnel from all the typing we’re doing getting our two web series written. No, it’s not server’s carpal tunnel; we already had that. This is the much more creatively fulfilling carpal tunnel we’re experiencing now. It’s a fine line, but a noticeable distinction. Trust us.

So! The first series we’re going to launch is our 90’s nighttime soap opera, Bad Manor. The pilot is wrapped and edited and just awaiting a completely original score from Twinhead favorite OZLO! It should be up on our YouTube channel soon for your enjoyment!

We’re still working on the Choose Your Adventure web series but are proud that we have THREE episodes, complete with choices, written and ready to go! Now we’re just in preproduction hell of finding perfect costumes for our main characters and the best possible John Wayne Gacy crawlspace we can feasibly film in. It’s gonna blow your mind….

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Holy Fundraising, Batman!

Well, it’s been a good minute since we last spoke! So much has happened, I’m going to break it down into individual posts rather than making you read a whole long thing. YOU’RE WELCOME!

So, first things first! Our fundraising campaign with IndieGoGo was amazingly successful! Not only did we meet our $2,600 goal, we EXCEEDED IT! That’s right, we raised $3,015 in 54 days, paying out 51 ridiculous compliments! We’re especially excited because we had TWO people give us a whopping $500! This means our favorite campaign perk needs to be fulfilled: we have to choreograph and film a modern dance interpretation of our gratitude to each donor. Our first video has wrapped shooting and is in the editing process; the other we began shooting yesterday in downtown Atlanta. We even got a honk of approval from a passing car!

We can’t wait to share these videos with you; we’ve had a real blast making them! Here’s some pictures to tide you over until they’re done!

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Everything’s comin’ up Twinhead.

What an amazing couple of weeks!

The feedback from Loaded Guns: the Movie has been incredible. It’s been officially reviewed by Eddie Ray and Barbara Tushbant, AND it’s available for rent at Videodrome! Plus, PeopleTV will be showing it after 1 a.m. Also, we set up shop on our website, where you can buy DVDs AND tshirts!

The photo shoot and interview we did with the GSU Alumni Magazine is out, too! Check out this amazing picture of us in mustaches. We look like a sexy totem pole.

AND we launched our first IndieGoGo fundraising campaign four days ago and have already raised $355! You should donate, too! You could receive a compliment like this:
Anonymous, the sun rises and sets on you. This is why your face is obscured, because you are also illuminated from your inner, divine light. SHINE ON ANONYMOUS!

Now we’re starting preproduction for our Choose Your Adventure AND our Bed n Breakfast soap opera web series in preparation for screening them at the Drive-By Theater Project!

And here are some pictures from the very first Atlanta Fringe Festival event that we had this past weekend. Did you miss it? It’s cool–we’ve got more parties in the pipeline, and you should make them a priority!

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In which we beg for money and invite you to a party.

WHEW!! What an awesome couple of weeks!!

First off, we had a blast at our DVD release screening for Loaded Guns: the Movie! Here are a couple of reviews from that, full of love and tenderness, and HERE is where you can buy the DVD and our amazing T-shirt for your very own! If you’re not sure you want to own the incredible Loaded Guns: the Movie, then you can rent that bitch at Videodrome!! DO IT!

Today we launched our very first fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo. This is a big deal because we really need a new computer. Eli’s computer, on which we have edited ALL our videos (and Loaded Guns: the Movie), finally had it one day and passed quietly in its Sleep mode. So, after burying it in the backyard, we turned to IndieGoGo to set up a fundraising campaign to buy another one. We need to raise $2600 for a new iMac by July 13th, 2011. What’s the rush? Well, before the computer died, we signed on to screen the pilot episode of our first web series, Choose Your Adventure, at the Drive-By Theater Festival on July 17th. So…if we’re to have that pilot edited and ready by then, we really need this computer a few days before, and Eli’s going to need several Red Bulls because he’ll be up all night. If we don’t raise the money we need, we’ll be forced to show Drive-By’s audience a loop of hamsters eating tiny, artfully crafted salads because WE WILL HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO OFFER. Check out our IndieGoGo page, watch our awesome video, consider donating and definitely share our campaign with your friends and family and help us reach our goal!!

In other news, THIS SATURDAY is our very first Atlanta Fringe Festival fundraising event! Get Your Buzz On! will be at Sutra Lounge in Midtown from 7-10 p.m. and features Tim Monteith, an incredible performer who dresses in drag and dances with puppets as his backup, or he dresses like Wilma Flintstone and sings a duet with a dinosaur. It’s wonderful! Plus we’ll have Molotov (and friends!) from Thimblerig Circus breathing fire and walking on glass (his idea!), our favorite DJ Bamboozle on the 1’s and 2’s, and Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Atlanta doing live drawings RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES! There is absolutely nothing to miss about this evening. Plus, it’s the Rapture, so why not spend it with friends who won’t fly away to heaven in the middle of a conversation?

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Check this shit out y’all!

HERE IT IS!! This is our design for our T-shirt!! After 8 years, we finally have a cool shirt to wear. Laura Krueger designed this joint, and we’ll be selling a limited run of them at the Balls Out! Loaded Guns: the Movie DVD Release and Screening! We’ll see you there bitches!

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