Twinwho Theawhat?

Hello and welcome one and all!

In the arduous process of getting around to asking someone to think about talking to us about hopefully one day starting a website we can maintain and keep constantly updated, it’s about damn time Twinhead Theatre starts a wordpress blog! Here you’ll find information on Twinhead’s upcoming projects, big breaking news, and awesome links to things we love.

Writing now is Eli Banks. I’ve been a company member since 2005, after having performed with many of Twinhead’s other members in HAIR at Georgia State University in 2004. More updates will come from any one of our other dozen company members (CMs), providing you with a rapidly updated blog falling somewhere between “diverse” and “schizophrenic”. But always hilarious. Unless something horrible happens. Then we’ll tone it down a notch. I mean, knock on wood… Anyway–

Posts from me in the near future will be mostly regarding the production of our upcoming show, The Cherry Orchard with Zombies! Taking a page from Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (the title page, specifically), a group of CMs and I pored over a dozen or more classic, royalty-free, scripts to find the perfect show to which we could add zombies. It quickly seemed to us that when Anton Chekhov wrote The Cherry Orchard in 1904, his intent was to one day have zombies added to the story, because the theme fit perfectly! After hours of collectively going through the script line-by-line, days of individual edits, and nights of sleeping, we finally had a script, and The Cherry Orchard with Zombies became a reality we hadn’t fully expected to come to fruition so seamlessly. Auditions took place, bringing in a cast of half company members and half guest artists, and rehearsals are currently under way to bring you Anton Chekhov’s final masterpiece as he originally -probably- intended it to be seen!

We have an incredibly talented cast, which is wonderfully conducive to our tight rehearsal schedule. Twinhead has long relied on our own ingenuity for special effects and set design, and much of this show will benefit from the years of experience we have with greusome on-stage deaths, exploding windows, and bringing turn-of-the-century Russia to life at Eyedrum Art Space. At rehearsal on Monday night, FX whizzes Bobby Andrews and Stephanie Rucker (CM) prepared our first sugar-glass window pane. As a first run test, it was more than we hoped for! It looked like glass, it supported itself, it broke into a dozen pieces when you punched it, and it tasted like rock candy! Through trial and error, this breaking window will ultimately be a miraculous moment on stage—spoiler alert—TWICE!

Co-director Geoff Bartlett (CM) and I have been discussing the actors’ characters individually with them before rehearsal starts, and it’s time to get to one of those meetings. I leave you with the first of a few promo fliers being produced for the show! Copy it, paste it, smatter it throughout the web! Print it out and line the streets with it! Then get ready to cover it up as our main poster in current production is a collaboration between two local artists you just may have heard of. I mean, only if you’ve ever been to Atlanta before. It’ll pretty much make your brain melt and drizzle out your nose.

We’ll be back with more!

disperse me!


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    Julian said,

    Twinhead Theatre’s blog rulezzz.

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