Apparently, the sun was off today., Today was as “partly cloudy” as Viggo Mortenson is “partly badass”.

But that didn’t stop construction on this year’s Little Five Points Halloween Parade float!

Pile of Blossoms

This year, we are showing our skillz with a bloodied up Cherry Tree to advertise The Cherry Orchard with Zombies! Basically, we started with some pvc pipe and a bucket of concrete, wrapping chicken wire to form the cylindrical trunk. Then, with more pvc and wire, we built three separate branches, wrapped them in masking tape, painted them brown, then spent the better part of 8 hours making what you see to your left here.

One Branch

Those are individual squares of white tissue paper, folded together with individual squares of pink tissue paper, tied off with a brown pipe cleaner. There’s about 3 blossoms per pipe cleaner, and about 600 pipe cleaners total. But the results were thrilling, leaving us with three pretty massive branches like the ones you see here!

Attaching these little hell minions was a lot like using fire to stick silk to a Faberge egg. You can see someone about to burn the skin off their fingertips here:

Glue Gun


But there was more than gluing pretty flowers to things involved here. This is Twinhead’s official workshop, where we do all our heavy construction jobs– (Ps if you’d like to donate to Twinhead, email!) We’ve also got a pretty sweet workbench seen below here…

Work Tables

But it works! And in the end, we’ll have a tree sticking out of this hole in the back of a truck and everyone will gape in awe and amazement and pave the streets with cheese before our very feet! Pictures of the parade will be up soon! So long as everything comes together, which it will, because it must.


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