So, how was the show?

One week later, we’re sufficiently rested to update you on our two-week run of The Cherry Orchard with Zombies! It was a hit with our audiences and almost all the shows were SOLD OUT! We scared a small child and made a grown man faint. (For the record, it was because of the 10 extra seats we squeezed in, not because he was scared. We would hate to ruin his street cred.) Countless white shirts are now tinged with pink, Eyedrum’s ceiling is decorated with spatters of blood, and one couch will never be the same. All in all, it was a success! In case you missed it, or if you’re the nostalgic type, here are a bunch of awesome photos and one video from our favorite and #1 fan, Eddie Ray! He is “the hardest working man on Halloween,” and he loves blood and guts, so we knew we would have a tough critic in Eddie. But he gave it a rave review and even came back to record all its glory.

Rob Bullard as Lopakhin, Andrea Kirwan as Dunyasha

Diana Brown as Anya, Barbara Tushbant as Varya

Jason Toups as Pishchik, Stephanie Rucker as Lyuba Andreyevna

Josh Martin as Firs

Bobby Andrews as Yepikhodov, Ben Bowlin as Yasha, Andrea Kirwan as Dunyasha

James Yates as Trofimov, Stephanie Rucker as Lyuba Andreyevna

Krista Carothers as Charlotta, Beckett Fisher Bullard-Yates as Beckettov

Are you feeling unwell?

Molly Kristyn as People-Eater Zombie

Zombie attack!

Co-director Geoff Bartlett as Passer-by Zombie

Director Eli Banks as Bloodthirsty Zombie

Krista Carothers as Charlotta Zombie

Stage Manager Desirae Golden as Num Num in my Tum Tum Zombie

And also, blood ‘n guts n’ gore. Watch this video for the full effect!

Yep, this show was a blast. But we’ve pretty much reached the pinnacle of what we can do without more money! Please step it up and become a donor of Twinhead Theatre. We need you! Here’s how it works:

As you know, Twinhead has a healthy blood lust. And we’d love the opportunity to squeeze as much blood (read: money) out of you as we can! How much? I guess that depends on your rating:

Rated G: Genuinely Nice. You’re so sweet! ($25-$49)

Rated PG: Progressive Gangsta. You’re moving the community forward. ($50-$99)

Rated PG-13: Pragmatically Generous. We’ll remember your name. ($100-$249)

Rated R: Regal Roommate. We would consider living with you. ($250-$999)

Rated NC-17: Naughty Crusader. You get it…. ($1000 and UP!)

Since we’re an official 501(c)(3) non-profit now, any and all of your donations are 100% tax deductible. You get access to our special password-protected blog, your name in all our programs, AND you’ll know what we’re up to before everyone else does. Also, you’ll get other, less tangible stuff, like “gratitude” and “smiling.” Doesn’t it sound great? You know it does! All you have to do is click here and name your donation. It’ll go straight into our PayPal account, and after that, we’ll be sending you a letter full of overwhelmed thank-yous and lots of ass-kissing. More importantly, it’ll have all the information you need to get your donation written off by Uncle Sam. It’s a win-win, you guys!


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