Well, guess what. We have chosen the topic of our fifth annual Midnight Cakesit! This event is slowly becoming an Atlanta tradition. Our first year, it was a burlesque extravaganza. We dressed up in costumes, baked our cakes, watched Good ‘n Plenty wiggle it, paraded our cakes out for the audience, and then sat in them. It was majestic. Twinhead’s first cakesit – in which most of us were cakesitting virgins – can never be duplicated. But the one criticism we got (besides, “Hey, aren’t you wasting a lot of food doing this?” To which we reply: “Well…yeah.”) was there was no story. People wanted to know why these people would sit in cakes. To be sure, there is no reasonable explanation – except for all the ones we came up with, of course.

First, there was Cakesit, the best parody of Footloose you’re likely to find, in which one town, after a tragic cakewalking accident, banned cakes and cakesitting forever. But with the help of one zealous guy with a deep sweet tooth and a bunch of awesome 80’s hits, the town got its bakeries back – and celebrated with a cakesit!

That show was a blast! HD Net even came and taped some of it for a show about bizarre sexy things. We don’t have HD Net, so we haven’t seen it, but a friend of ours called us from Asheville and said she was watching it at that very moment and that it was awesome, and we believe her.

So for Cakesit 3 we really wanted to pay homage to our love of scary movies, and also the drive-in, so we did a double feature: Pastrygeist and 28 Cakes Later. A haunted oven and icing that gives you the crave virus; I’m telling you, it’s terrifying. And the only cure for these woes? A cakesit, of course!

And last year, we took our inspiration from the 70’s and Andy Warhol and explained cakesitting as a statement against the bourgeois. All the 70’s hits plus more!

So as you can see, Cakesits are a special occasion for us and our audience, a time when a love of sweets and live performance is finally perfectly meshed into one big smushy piece of delicious. Like this one:

So we decided to finally do what we’ve been threatening to do for at least three years: DIRTY BAKING.

Like this, but with flour.

That’s right. We’re mourning Patrick Swayze the only way we know how – by turning his icon-making moves in Dirty Dancing into a hilarious parody about cake. True to form, it will involve all the great dancing, beautiful singing, and hilariously bad cake puns you’ve not only come to know and love, but to demand, from every cakesit. And it goes without saying that you’ll be experiencing the sweetest asses in town!

Sorry. Had to.


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