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What’s going on? ooh, what’s going on? I’ll tell you what’s going on.

Whew. It’s not easy being an enormously popular theater company. I’m telling you, we had to do all kinds of stuff after Cakesit 5 to get us back on track — meetings, basement cleanup, and parties, parties, parties. Speaking of, HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-outs to Twinhead members Geoff Bartlett (Jan. 30), Cherry DelRosario (Feb 9) and James Yates (Feb 21), Diana Brown (Mar. 10), and sexy superfan Eddie Ray (Feb 27)!

With all the birthday hullabaloo, and general busy-ness, we’ve been neglecting our duties to the Internet. But never fear! For here is an update:

First of all, it’s great being in Twinhead and being a fan of Twinhead, because you just never know what you’re going to get. We are all just making this up as we go along, which doesn’t sound great, but keep in mind that David Plouffe said the same thing about the Obama campaign, and that turned out pretty well, so here’s hoping. Anyway, this makes for constant experimentation. And we don’t mean the college kind of experimentation, with drugs and sexuality, because come on – been there, doing that. Rather, we are referring to the much riskier and less rewarding business experimentation. We’re trying different things to see how we can bust out our signature brand of awesome, aggressive, original material in the most low-cost, high-efficiency kind of way. We tried flying by the seat of our pants (2007: 12 shows), and when that threatened to kill us, we tried a planned season (2008: 6 shows and a fundraiser), and then we tried a highly structured, more business-like setting (2009: 2 shows). See what happened there? No fun, that’s what happened. Because Twinhead is not like everyone else. We are unapologetically weird. We decided that we would just have to embrace that. So this year we’re trying something new, something sort of in-between the 2007 method and the 2009 method, one in which we are constantly creating and challenging ourselves, but also turning out solid shows and performances.

So now we’re meeting once a week to write together, and what comes out of those workshops will determine our next shows and new YouTube videos. But don’t worry – The Missoula Oblongata’s Wonders of the World: Recite is still our next show, and still going up in April. It’s a darkly funny and bizarre tale about a boy and his grandmother who live in a lighthouse at the end of the world. Everyone gets cake and sees stars. We’re very excited about it, and we’ll keep you updated on the exact whens and wheres. In the meantime, we’re going to be taking short videos during our rehearsal process and posting them here for your viewing pleasure. We really want you to feel connected to us and to our shows, and a little reality programming seemed like a good way to bring you in behind the scenes. Here’s the first!

We’re also hoping to throw a few parties this year to raise some money. Please feel free to email us if you’re in a band and would like to play, or if you’re a performance artist and would like to eat a bust of Venus made of cake frosting out of your belly button, or if you do visual art and want to hang up some pictures of your penis all over the walls of whatever venue we have our party at. We want to meet you! Especially if your penis is weirdly shaped, we all get a real kick out of that.

And of course we’ll be performing at Ms. Vagina Jenkins’ own fundraiser, “Vagina Jenkins Got a Ramblin’ Mind” at Eyedrum on April 8th. This sexy lady has been invited to perform at a prestigious burlesque event in London and needs some cash to get there. We’re more than willing to help! It promises to be an evening full of awesome performances, so come out and be entertained!

So a very full year is shaping up for your favorite non-profit theater company! Who needs sleep, anyway?

As always, I want to end this with a very big thank-you to YOU. We really are making this up as we go along, and it’s really gratifying to know that for some people, it’s working, and it’s worth it, and that you want more! We can’t survive without you, and we wouldn’t want to even if we could. You’re the glue that holds this horrifyingly charming shape together.


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