Holy shit is right. There’s no end to the projects we keep jumping into. As per, this blog post has so much news to tell you about that I’m just going to do my best to break it up into digestible chunks of awesome. Here we go….


Our newest video, The Evolution of Politics, is our take on the consequences of the Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission. You probably heard this referred to as Corporate Personhood. It’s basically a decision that allows corporations to pour unlimited funding into campaigns. Essentially, it’s given McDonald’s more power to elect our next Congressmen than we have. Watch our version of the consequences of the decision! And then show all your friends.


This Saturday, July 31st, is Gather Atlanta at Trees Atlanta on Chester Ave. This free event is open to the public and is a great way to learn about all the awesome non-profits operating in Atlanta right now. You can meet the people behind the missions, acquaint yourself with the nonprofit’s work, and get involved any way you see fit. There’s a panel discussion about Art in the Public Sphere and then from 8-10 there’s networking, mixing and mingling, lots to learn about and lots to buy. Twinhead will be there as one of 5 theater companies, but there’s also lots of other arts-related nonprofits participating. It’ll be a super fun night and we’re really excited about getting our shit together for our sweet table. Come check it out!


We chose our next show! Yes, we know we’ve teased you and ourselves with this idea for quite some time, but we’re finally, actually, really going to do America FTW! We’re starting to write this show the first week of August, modeling the writing process on improv techniques as we did with Shake ‘n Bake, our stoner Shakespeare comedy. We’re drawing inspiration from all corners, and who knows what parts of America’s history we’ll be able to skewer in our satire? So far, the ideas have been pouring in unchecked. As we write it, we’ll be keeping you posted with some of the funniest stuff. Count on it! And fan us on Facebook so you won’t miss anything.


We participated in the Drive-By Theater Project, organized by Odd Man Out Theater, at 7 Stages! It was a week-long theater festival we were lucky enough to be invited to be in, and we pulled out all the stops by performing a sizable chunk of the old favorite, Shake ‘n Bake. It was a huge success! The entire audience was ROFL, but they were able to get up to give us a standing ovation when it was over. It proved to us that comedy is our first love and our greatest strength, as well as what you, our beloved audience, seem to like the best about us, which is why we decided to focus more on those chops for America FTW! Also, since a bunch of us are also working like dogs to get the very first Atlanta Fringe Festival planned and organized, it was great to see Atlanta really responding to the idea of a lot of different performance art all under one roof. Word life, ATL. Word life.

So, as usual, Twinhead has bitten off more than we can reasonably chew. Fortunately, we love having squirrel cheeks.

James, Rob, and Krista getting the most from their treats at the fair.

We’ll be working as hard as any underage coal miner in the 1800s ever did in these next few weeks, and you better be around to appreciate it….otherwise, we’ll be sad. And you wouldn’t like us when we’re sad. Because then we get all flushed and red and blotchy. Ew! Right? I know.


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