A Poodle, a Bear, and a Shrimp Cricket

Gather Atlanta was super fun! I hope some of y’all got to make it there. All kinds of cool, arts-related nonprofits were there, like Burnaway, PurgeATL, Dodekapus, PushPush Theater, Eyedrum, Living Walls, Relapse, C4, Ten Cent Gents, Beep Beep Gallery, Bang! Arts Management and Promotions, Wonderroot of course, and MINT Gallery…it was really awesome to find out about all the cool shit that’s going on in our city and meet the people behind said cool shit. And it was at Trees Atlanta, which we like even though they make some of their “Another tree planted by Trees Atlanta” signs out of WOOD which is sending sort of a mixed message. AND a few of us got to try some gourmet street food from the Good Food Truck, and believe me, it’s incredible. They had “Poodles,” which is a hot dog in a French toast bun with apple-maple coleslaw. Then you squirt some maple syrup and some spicy brown mustard on it and it’s like….it’s like the best hot dog you ever had.

Not to be all arrogant or whatever, but we totally had the coolest table. Probably because we got a little carried away. We brought Irene, a mannequin, and dressed her in the Shrimp Cricket costume from Choose Your Adventure, hung our posters up, had a video Eli edited together of some highlights of our shows and films playing, and gave away Aneurism Packs (this time, they had almonds instead of gummy brains. Still, delicious!). We were going to hang our cardboard pot leaves all over the walls, but we decided that would be overkill. However, we are known for overkill, so we didn’t get rid of the bloody body parts. In fact, someone asked Krista about the body parts, wondering what show we’d used them in, and Krista was like, “Actually, they’ve been in so many that I really couldn’t give you a specific show!” and of course that person thought that was awesome. Because it is.

Also, we saw a bear.


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  1. 1

    Katie said,

    Aw, sorry we missed it. Do you have photos of your table? It sounds awesome!

  2. 2

    twinhead said,

    We don’t, actually! It’s sad…but it was a LONG day Saturday, and clearly my brain was affected, because I didn’t even think to get a picture of our table until I was writing this post. Sigh. But at least I got a picture of the bear.

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