And now for something you’ll really like

Listen y’all. I can’t say enough about how awesome this is. Company member Bobby Andrews took it upon himself to get us a website! He used a free template site but managed to really create a snazzy, awesome site with video, posters, links, news, and all that shit, but it’s also easy to update. This is a huge load off all our shoulders that we’ve now transferred to Bobby’s, so, thanks Bobby!
This is great because now this blog is really a blog. We can use it to tell you more interesting things, instead of just updating it when we had a project in the pipeline. Part of our charm is that we don’t really know what we’re doing, but we manage to pull it out anyway. Sharing this process of freaked-out frustrations and revelations is just a way to bring you, our audience, even closer to us and the art we make.
And also you can kill some time at work.

We can help.

So, anyway, we got a website, and we were all really excited about that. Then, on like THE VERY SAME DAY, seriously, we got our dates confirmed at Eyedrum for America FTW! So this shit just got extremely real.

“Sketch comedy? Oh hell no.”

Also, a couple of us have been collaborating with the Little 5 Points Business Association to plan and organize the first Atlanta Fringe Festival. Diehard Twinhead fans have probably heard all about that time in 2006 when we took our feminist theory play Resisting the Birthmark to the Minneapolis Fringe. It still stands out in our memories as the one of the best times of our lives. Basically, the performing arts takes over an entire city. Performers come from all over the world, everyone in the town has their calendars marked for the shows they want to see, and there are parties, parties, parties. It’s a really fun time and a ton of original work has come out of Fringe festivals. Besides Charleston and Orlando, there isn’t a Fringe in the South! So Atlanta can fill that donut hole with our delicious artistic jelly.

Sweet, sweet artistic jelly.

We’ve been writing Loaded Guns: America FTW! for awhile now, and it’s really shaping into something awesome. Every sketch is more and more hilarious, and we’re really spanning the chronology. Although for awhile we were missing the entire Civil War, but that was solved when an epic dance number was conceived, in line with our general belief that epic dance numbers solve every problem.

See? Don’t you feel better?

Furthermore, we’re in the planning stages of our annual float for the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade, seriously one of the best times of the year. Our floats are always a lot of fun to build and put together and the parade is a blast.

And now, a cute picture of two baby bears fighting.

Listen dude, I know karate. You don’t want to fuck with me.


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