Yard for sale!

We had decided at the beginning of the summer to have a yard sale, but it was hot and there was a thing and someone had another thing that we all had to go to, and vacation and staycation, and Krista’s apartment complex had a pool, so with one thing and another we just never got around to it. But now that the boys–that is, James, Rob, Bobby, and Eli–are moving out of the house on Newton Avenue in East Atlanta that we’ve worked out of since 2006, we can’t put it off any more!
Tonight we spent three hours going through all kinds of the most random shit we’ve accumulated over the years. The basement at Newton is hilariously creepy, an unfinished basement with uneven mounds of dirt for a floor and terrible lighting. We always wanted to film a kid’s show down there because it really looks like a murder basement. But instead, it’s like an episode of Hoarders down there. Things have been donated, bought at thrift stores, found on the side of the road, left behind by cast members (“Aren’t those Barbara’s roller skates?”), and of course there’s the plethora of props and pieces that we created and built by hand, including: a well, a lighthouse, an oven, a volcano, a tractor, a graveyard, a huge Choose Your Own Adventure book, and a cherry tree. It’s pile after pile of WTF. But with our usual get-up-and-go, we managed to wade right in and get a surprising amount of work done!
Going through all the stuff down there brought back a lot of memories from past shows: the big mouths we made for Donkey Punch which were mistaken for blackface; the masks we made out of paper bags for Arden of Faversham; the wedding veil from Pterodactyls. We even found the gay fairy outfits from Shake ‘n Bake! The oven I mentioned earlier is from Pastrygeist; we also found the cupcake hats from Cakewalk on the Wild Side. There was all kinds of bloodstained fabric from The Cherry Orchard with Zombies, and we finally had to throw away the gnome’s beard we made for the “Lawn Ornaments” sketch in Loaded Guns: the Movie.
Not to mention all the cardboard and building materials like cotton batting and foam core. It’s just a daunting task to move all this stuff out! And something of a sad task, as well. After all, it’s the end of an era; we’ve made almost all our plays here, rehearsed them here, built them here. We filmed most of Loaded Guns: the Movie here. We built all three of our Halloween parade floats here. We’ve spilt a lot of paint here! So it’s hard to see this place go.
However! A new place awaits. Clean and bright, with real floors, and closets! So it’s not all that bad, really.
What’s also not all that bad is the amount of awesome shit we’re going to have for sale at our yard sale this weekend! Games, toys, clothes, costume pieces, masks, housewares, furniture, on and on and on. You should come! Everything will be cheap and guaranteed to start a conversation. It’s this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here’s the Facebook event with all the deets.
Also, we had great auditions tonight! A bunch of people are coming out to our casting call for the show, which is great. A lot of them haven’t been in the game for awhile; we get that a lot. It’s really fun working with people like that, having fun with them, seeing them get back into it, and how great is it to give people a creative outlet? After all, that’s why we started this company to begin with. So expect to see some awesome new faces in America: FTW!
After all that hard work, we decided to reward ourselves with M&Ms, Project Runway, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. So I’ma get back to that. See you at the yard sale!


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