And ANOTHER thing!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and it’s not looking like that’s going to change anytime soon. With America: FTW! being worked on, the Newton basement cleaned out and sorted for the yard sale, and with packing and moving, we really haven’t had a chance to start working on that OTHER thing we’re doing, our Halloween float for the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade, until this week! Fortunately we have designed a relatively easy float to put together this year. Instead of, say:

A clown car and circus tent;

An enormous book, a volcano, and a QUNT;

or even

a fucking TREE.

No, no. THIS year, people, it’s simple. Just a covered wagon, Oregon-Trail-style, being pulled by an oxen, and housing a pioneer and an Indian roasting a baby on a spit.
Not complicated in the least.
Actually the work is coming along at a nice clip. Eli worked on the covered-wagon part before I got around to taking pictures, but here’s some other stuff we did tonight:

Stephanie's making the horns for our ox.

This wagon's promoting our show thanks to Cherry!

Our ox's nose will be getting pierced tomorrow.

We’re really excited to get this put together and have a blast at the parade like we do every year. Though, on a sad note, Holly Mull, the lady who puts the festival together every year, passed away recently. Hopefully this year’s more-epic-than-ever festival will be a fitting tribute to her many awesome years of community contributions. Thanks for 10 years of Best Halloweens Ever, Holly!

Be there!


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