Newton Avenue

Twinhead has been creating theater since 2003, for seven years. Five of those years we rehearsed at the house on Newton Avenue that a lot of our members have called home – some more literally than figuratively. But all of us have a bond with that house, and for five years a lot of what we did – well, most everything – was “at Newton.” “Let’s just meet at Newton.” “I guess we’ll just leave all this crap over here at Newton.” “I didn’t want all these cookies and/or candy in my house, so I thought, They’ll eat them at Newton.” It was our headquarters. It was our Titans Tower, our Oa, our Batcave (Bruce Wayne edition). Almost all of our extensive body of work has been written, rehearsed, built, stored, and argued about there. We’ve conceived so many ideas and written so many sketches and had so many business meetings there. We’ve tripped balls there. We huddled together in the creepy, badly lit, unfinished basement there during the Atlanta tornado. That same basement played home for all of our props and costumes, and we have the mildew to prove it. There’s a space in the living room floor that leaks into the basement if you happen to spill coffee there. Dance numbers were choreographed and learned, songs were harmonized, Halloween floats were built. A movie was filmed there. Auditions were held there, and some really wonderful parties. For all these reasons and more, Newton is a home to everyone in Twinhead, and now, we’re leaving.

It’s a good thing – the aforementioned mildewy basement is being replaced with two beautiful rooms at Bobby’s new house, and they have floors and lights and closets and climate control, the radness of which cannot be overstated. It’s our new Batcave (Dick Grayson edition). And now we have a new house to add to that Map of the Stars they’ll surely make once we become famous. It’s all good, what’s happening, but naturally our heartstrings are tugged by the years we’ve spent here, and we don’t want to let it go without sending it off with a fitting tribute to its memory by spending five minutes writing about it on this blog.

Suffice it to say, we’ll miss you, Newton. It’ll be weird to drive by you and not see eleven cars out front. It’ll be weird to drive by you at all, and know that we can’t go in anymore. It’ll be strange to see new people moving in and wanting to tell them all the crazy shit we’ve gotten up to in here. Whenever we watch Loaded Guns the Movie, we’ll think of you and be all nostalgic. We can’t thank you enough for all the shit you’ve put up with all these years; twelve people dancing and leaping and jumping and screaming and laughing and having dance parties and karaoke melodies and all the food and all the paint and all the drugs and all the good times, all the photo shoots and all the Rock Band and all the cleaning and the not-cleaning. All the couches. All the memories. Even though you were kind of falling apart, even though you shifted to the right and had no proper foundation, you were home. We love you, Newton, and we’ll miss you. We know that you’ll make a great home for whoever moves into you next.

And, hopefully, enough of Twinhead’s demonic energies will have seeped into your very framework that you’ll be turned into a touring museum for later generations to come into and say, “Wow. This is where it all happened.” Because that would be awesome.

And this is where Twinhead members would bring an assortment of food for events as diverse as Thanksgivings, Christmases, birthdays, LOST finale parties, and just because they were hungry. They say that even to this day you are able to smell the Papa John’s.

And this is the living room that hosted all of Twinhead’s rehearsals, auditions, writing sessions, business meetings, and marathon TV watching. Legend has it that altogether, Twinhead watched over eight years of television right here in this very room!


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