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Oh you fancy huh?

We’ve been working on organizing the two rooms in the new digs, Winfield Avenue, for a solid couple of weeks. You know, in those sacred stolen moments between full-time jobs, rehearsals and film shoots for America FTW!, and higher education. When we started, our rooms looked like this:

Yes, it was a trifle daunting. But we’re not ones to cower away from a challenge. We have drive! We have ambition! We have snacks! In fact, the only thing we didn’t have was a choice. After a solid week and half of laundry and organizing, our rooms now look like this:

Is it perfect? No. But is it perfect? YES. Didn’t you see the pictures?? Those are all our costumes, clean and hanging up! We can actually find our fake cigars and all our facial hair, not to mention our mullet wig and 80’s ladies’ jumpsuit, which we had long given up for lost. Plus we discovered that we possess a huge collection of costume jewelry AND tons of shiny men’s shirts from the 90s. (Seriously. Where did they all come from?) Revel in our triumph! We certainly are.


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