Balls out!! Loaded Guns: the Movie is BACK!

Back in 2008, we made our first movie. It was based on our sketch comedy series, Loaded Guns, and the end result was something like John Waters directing Kentucky Fried Movie. It was inappropriate. It was raucous. It was for mature audiences only. It was…LOADED GUNS: THE MOVIE.

Awesome poster courtesy of Rob Craig, one bad motherfucker.

We screened it at the Plaza Theater twice, and a lot of people saw it. For a minute, it really felt like things were comin’ up Twinhead. We had a show you could take home with you and show to your friends; we had a sample of our work that we could use to attract new audiences; and best of all, we had made a movie we were really proud of. The world was our oyster.

And then: disaster.

The movie was stored on an external hard drive, and one day that hard drive just…died. It just died. And no matter how hard we tried to revive it, how many geek squads we took it to, how many seances we held, we just couldn’t get it back. And what’s worse, we couldn’t retrieve any of the information we had on it, namely: THE ENTIRE FUCKING MOVIE.

For awhile there, it looked like the only copy left in the entire world was the copy we had burned and sent to Baghdad with an American soldier, who said it was well-received in the barracks. But it’s not like we could go to Baghdad and ask for it back. We had nothing to show for our hard work but our bitter, bitter tears.

like this, but there were 15 of us.

But then, one day, a miracle occurred. Eli (from Twinhead) and Julian and Jamie (from Bland Hack) were able to find pieces of the movie scattered around their three computers, different cuts, different sound edits, small differences like that, and managed to put together a COMPLETE LOADED GUNS! Available for the first time!

So now we’re really excited. I mean, we haven’t seen it in a long time either! So we’re getting copies burned and cases made and planning a really awesome re-release screening at the Plaza for April. We can’t wait!!
Here’s the trailer:

Check out our YouTube page for more offerings from our twisted minds and we’ll keep you posted on the official details of the Loaded Guns: the Movie re-release! Say it with me now: BALLS OUT!


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    […] movie was made in 2008, and if you’re wondering why the DVD release is just now happening, read this. We played it to sold-out crowds in ’08 and then sent a copy to Baghdad to entertain the […]

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