Partyin’ partyin’ YEAH!

I know what you’re thinking: What’s the deal, Twinhead? No Cakesit? How could you!! No show on the horizon? BUT WHYYYY???
Darling, darling, calm down! Trust us. It’s not like we’ve been sitting around having a circle jerk these past few months. We’ve been working on a lot of different projects and all that hard work is paying off: we have completed scripts and scripts nearing completion that should keep you tits-deep in Twinhead goodness! For example:

Choose Your Adventure was a play we did in 2009 wherein we paid tribute to our childhoods’ favorite books and simultaneously wrote, produced and performed the most complicated play in the world. The audience got to choose what happened next, and not being a bunch of half-asses, there were of course choices within the choices that led to different choices. Essentially it was eight different full-length plays and we never knew what order we’d be doing them until it was happening. Needless to say, this project was totally exhilarating and can’t be doomed to the fogs of the past. So, when we started bandying about ideas for a Twinhead web series, Choose Your Adventure seemed a natural choice. We can do a lot more with the video format than we could manage onstage, and no choice will be sacrificed because people can watch any and all videos they want! (True story: During the entire run of the play, the Holocaust didn’t happen.)
So we set to adapting that idea and its long, complicated stage script into a video format and we have our pilot episode completed! Look for some of that hottness to hit computer screens everywhere!

We’re also putting together a proposal for a performance for Art on the Beltline, which is this cool project that gets all kinds of artists’ work along the 22-mile loop of proposed parks and transit and highlights how it can bring Atlanta together. We’re really excited about the idea we came up with and we really hope to be accepted, so keep your fingers crossed!

And of course we’re hard at work planning and organizing the first Atlanta Fringe Festival! Cherry is working up some really amazing stuff for our graphic design, and Diana and Molly are planning the first official Fringe event at Sutra Lounge. Plus we’re getting more and more venues signed on and generally just getting the ball rolling.

Then there’s the full-length play about songs that incessantly get stuck in your head and the previously unknown consequences and another web series based on much-loved soap operas like Dallas and Dynasty, and our Loaded Guns: the Movie Balls-Out DVD Release and Screening at the Plaza. SO! You see? You had no reason to fear. We are still here for you! And we’re never gonna leave you. NEVER. Even if you ask us to.

We just won’t do it.


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