Get a load of this here!

May is the best month of the year. You know why? Because May is full of really exciting stuff for us! And probably someone’s birthday, I’m sure.
Here’s the highlights:
Friday, May 13th at 9:30 p.m., we’re having our Loaded Guns the Movie DVD Release and Screening at the Plaza Theater!! This is so exciting, because now we have DVDs to sell. Also rad–PeopleTV is running our trailer on their channel fo’ FREE! It’s our first TV ad!!
Also, we’re getting an awesome T-shirt designed by our own Laura Krueger! We’re going to have them available to buy at the DVD release. It’s super cute, and you’re probably going to want one, so bring some extra cash or be prepared to shell out online once you see it!
Saturday, May 21st from 7-10 p.m., the Atlanta Fringe Festival is hosting their very first event, Get Your Buzz On! at Sutra Lounge, featuring awesome performances, signature Fringe cocktails at happy hour prices, and even a special Fringe cupcake! All the performers are rad and we’re getting very excited about partying with them and YOU!
PLUS, the interview and photo shoot we did with the GSU Magazine will be sent out in May! We can’t wait to read it. Hopefully they didn’t edit out the curse words…otherwise, how would people know it was us?? 🙂
We should find out any day now whether or not our proposal for Art on the Beltline has been accepted or not: fingers crossed!
And we’re getting started on filming our Choose Your Adventure web series! Which brings me to a less exciting thing…
Eli’s computer is dead.
Eli, in case you don’t know, is the guy who films and edits all of our video work. All the segments you’ve enjoyed in our shows in years past, anything funny we’ve put on YouTube, that was him. (With the exception of Jimmy Carter, which was all Julian Modugno; but even that was edited on Eli’s computer.) Without a computer, we have no way of editing and making these incredible series! (Serieses? Seriesi? Anyway, more than one series.)
So, for the first time ever, we’re going to be begging you for money, guys. We’ve always suggested it, but never really asked; we don’t like to spam people with desperate pleas for money, we know you’re all broke, and you know what we can do with limited resources anyway. But in order to provide this free programming for you, we really need your help to get this new computer! Eli has already picked it out–a good, solid iMac–and we’re putting together a Kickstarter page for it. Be looking for that and I hope you’re willing to help us out!! If you want to donate now, just click here for our donation page! You can write it off on your taxes AND, whenever a new video or episode of our web series comes out, you can say to yourself, “I totally helped them do that.” It’s a win-win!
But mostly, everything’s coming up roses in May.
In the pipeline for summer:
-Choose Your Adventure web series
-Soap opera web series
-the Drive-By Theater Project
-finally, a Cakesit album!
-more Fringe events
Look at that list! That’s HOT. That’s hot and you know it. 🙂


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