Mind your Manor

Now to tell you what we NEEDED all that money for!

We’ve been giving ourselves carpal tunnel from all the typing we’re doing getting our two web series written. No, it’s not server’s carpal tunnel; we already had that. This is the much more creatively fulfilling carpal tunnel we’re experiencing now. It’s a fine line, but a noticeable distinction. Trust us.

So! The first series we’re going to launch is our 90’s nighttime soap opera, Bad Manor. The pilot is wrapped and edited and just awaiting a completely original score from Twinhead favorite OZLO! It should be up on our YouTube channel soon for your enjoyment!

We’re still working on the Choose Your Adventure web series but are proud that we have THREE episodes, complete with choices, written and ready to go! Now we’re just in preproduction hell of finding perfect costumes for our main characters and the best possible John Wayne Gacy crawlspace we can feasibly film in. It’s gonna blow your mind….


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